I am pretty far off from reaching my diet goal for this week, so I’m missing out on some meal points and having all veggie juices for the rest of the day! I’m also planning on a jog and maybe some yoga if I have the energy.. I’m pretty sore from working out hard all week and doing yoga almost every day for the past 10 days (I signed up for a 10 day trial at Club Stretch for Bikram Yoga)


I NEEEED a juicer! Everyone my bridal shower is coming up end of March… the one Kyle and I registered for is only $400 from Bed Bath and Beyond…… I wouldn’t be able to use a juicer here in Dubai, luckily I have Cafe Baroque down the street they have affordable, organic veggie juices and they deliver fast and for free!

Even though I don’t have a juicer yet I want to try out Wheatgrass Powder and Spirulina powder, the powder seems much easier then the fresh ingredients to mix in to a juice from Cafe Baroque!

  • Wheatgrass powder – detoxifies blood, improves reproductive health, aids weight loss, improves skin & muscle tone, lowers cholesterol, etc.
  • Spirulina powder – anti ageing, great for eyes/vision, seriously great for immune systems, detoxifies blood, etc.

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