Miso Soup

Miso Soup is one of my new favorite super simple snacks/light dinner options! I eat it when ever I’m craving something salty!


Miso Soup

1 cup of warm water

1 or 2 spoons full of miso paste

some seaweed, cut in to small pieces

and one chive sliced thin

a chunk of tofu cut in to small pieces

I never measure exactly, just put what feels right!  Mix the miso in to the warm water then add the other ingredients! So simple and SO GOOD! And of course so good for you! Miso is alkaline which helps your body to heal and keep inflammation down. Since the miso is fermented it is full of good bacteria that help your digestive system running smoothly. The sea weed is extremely high in nutrients,the highest of any leafy green. The tofu when eaten in moderation is a great protein source. And raw onions help soak up toxins in your body like cold germs. I haven’t had a cold since I switched to a vegetarian diet, but next time I get a cold this will take the place of chicken noodle soup for sure!


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