Vermana Herbals

While I was in Burlington, Vermont I visited a little stand at the farmers market called Vermana Herbals. I was drawn in by the beautiful little bottles all lined up. My friends and I started talking to the Herbalist, Carly Harrison and she told us a little bit about the herbal remedies that she hand produces. She gathers local Vermont herbs from fields and around barns and makes all the oils herself. She even hand counts every drop of each ingredient in to the perfect potion. Vermana promotes responsible and appropriate use of plants which are all 100% organic, and ethically wild harvested. All of the tinctures and remedies are hand crafted in small batches which are untreated. So you can get the most out of their herbal remedies.

photo (2)

I tried the Adult Allergy Soother, since I was visiting a friend with two indoor cats. Its an anti-inflammatory remedy with horse radish root, lavender, oats, golden seal, elder flower, and lots more! I had been at my friends house for a couple days before I tried this and I noticed a difference in how stuffy I felt in the morning and when going to bed. There was definitely a reduction in how inflamed my sinuses were. It may be a small difference but anything helps! It made the next couple days there much better, and helped me sleep better because I wasn’t blowing my nose all the time!

I don’t plan on using the Adult Allergy Soother every day, just when I know I will be in a situation that will irritate my allergies. I plan to try more of these herbal remedies and keep moving away from over the counter medicine when possible!

Check out their website! And order some of their Allergy Soother if you think it will help you too 🙂


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