Defeating Allergies in the Middle East

I just applied to my dream job! I thought I would share my writing sample for the job application since its so relevant to my diet, health and what I am so passionate about!

Allergies have always been my worst enemy. I would dread spring because I knew come May, I would begin hibernation. Curling up with a box of tissues and consuming benadryl is not exactly anyone’s idea of a thrilling summer. My family always had rescue pets who I couldn’t touch or else I would have to immediately shower so my eyes wouldn’t swell shut. With the help of “The Crazy Sexy Diet” I have defeated my adversary and now can live a healthier, happier life.

I had completely assumed allergies were something I had to live with. Or that I would have to go to the allergist for shots which I was terrified of. I started the 21 day cleanse outlined in “The Crazy Sexy Diet” hoping to lose a couple pounds for my upcoming wedding. I prepped my kitchen for a couple days and reduced my coffee then went right into a full on vegan diet.

At the time I was living in Dubai, UAE a beautiful new city that lacks health awareness. The expat culture of Dubai is to live in excess. Whether at the gorgeous hotels partying, or excessively dining. It was making me sick! Unfortunately Dubai has not yet discovered the magic of Whole Foods so finding anything vegan was impossible. The language barrier didn’t make life easier, where words such as “vegan”, “gluten free” or “allergic” were followed by blank and awkward stares!

This sent me on a mission to find the locally grown greens and finally a juice bar. I searched all over the city in to find the right foods. It turned out there were a couple of small, unheard of restaurants and stores spread over the sprawling city.

After a while I figured out what stores had the right foods and would go to a different grocery store every day to be sure I had everything I needed to stick to my cleanse. My savior was discovering a newly opened organic juice bar. I found the best foods available, and started to create my own easy, healthy meals.

I came home to visit family March. The previous time I was home I could hardly breath. The first day back I was amazed that the animals in the house weren’t bothering me, I assumed it was a fluke and that the symptoms would start up again soon. Until a week went by and I had no reaction to any of the normal triggers. Now its the middle of August and I feel better than ever.

It is still quite a challenge to stick to my new way of life. This summer I’ve been traveling visiting friends. Its been a fun challenge to cook for them and to find something everyone can enjoy together since a typical meal for a young 20 something living in any city is some fast cheesy meat. I even started a blog to keep track of my favorite new foods! I love my new way of life and am grateful every day for the knowledge and health I’ve acquired!


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