Halloween in Dubai

Here are some pics from our Halloween party last year in Dubai! This year I’m trying my hardest to skip the treats and having. Healthy meal made in the crockpot and a glass of wine!

These treats aren’t too bad for you all are from cooking light and were so fun to make and eat! I made Spider Cupcakes, Cheesy Witches Fingers, Pumpkin Cheese Ball and Spiced Cider! All the recipes were variations from Cooking Light’s Halloween party section.






What a Week of Food Looks Like


sad diet


Check this out! Its really interesting! Its crazy how different my diet is from the standard American diet. I think my only similarity is the tomatoes and occasionally a bunch of grapes! Also of course salt and pepper…

I do eat tortilla wraps, but I buy the gluten free food for life version, and Rao’s Homemade tomato sauce in a jar not Rago!


What does your week of groceries look like? I’ll take a pic next week to share what I typically buy! I’m interested in what other health food crazy people buy in a typical week! Please share if you buy a weeks worth of groceries this week I would love to see it!