Thanks for visiting ilikefewd! I’m Jessica, and I like food.. a lot! I tend to obsess over food, health, cooking  but mainly eating. So instead of driving my husband crazy talking about what I made for dinner I thought I would start another blog about what I’m cooking, eating, and my current diet/weight loss goals.

I’m an artist and definitely not a chef, everything I know about cooking I learned from Google and my mom. I think that my artistic abilities make my way of cooking a little bit unique. I love color and texture in art and in what I’m eating. Right now art is my full time career, my life is much more laid back than it used to be, so I have had quite a bit of time to experiment in the kitchen than I ever had before. I currently live in Dubai, UAE, I moved out here six months ago with my husband Kyle. I grew up in a small town north of Boston, Massachusetts  and before I moved out to the Middle East I was living in Brooklyn, New York. My life has gone through some major life style shifts over the past couple years moving from quiet suburb, to NYC to the Middle East, and a few months living in Italy. Each of these shifts has brought a new passion for a different types of foods and typically some weight gain.

This blog is written for three major people: Myself, my mom, and my husband… Most of what I will be writing on ilikefewd is for myself, to keep track of what I cook and so I don’t lose my recipes. I can be a bit forgetful when cooking, I burn things all the time! I also don’t bother with measuring cups and and spoons most of the time because I’m lazy and like to just do what I’m feeling at the moment or for my dietary needs. This obviously has its drawbacks, I forget how much of what I put in and sometimes things turn out terrible. But.. Most of what I cook ends up being awesome and I really want to make an effort to keep track of what I did and how so I can make the same thing more than once. The second person this blog is for is my mom who asks me what I’m cooking almost ever day. I always tell her I will send her the recipe or show her what I made, but I never remember  or when I do I already forgot what I did that was different from the recipe I started with.  And finally this blog is also for my husband who is tired of hearing every detail of what went in to my muffins and why its SO healthy, he just likes to eat them.

I hope you enjoy the recipes on ilikefewd!


jess and kyle burj


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